Connecting to the Grid of EPCOR Distribution and Transmission

EPCOR Distribution and Transmission is the owner of the electric distribution system in Edmonton.
When you purchase your electrical energy from your Energy Retailer, EPCOR Distribution and Transmission delivers your electrical energy to you.

Click here to see EPCOR's Micro-Generation web site.


You need to download the following documents to connect to EPCOR Distribution's grid:

  1. The Alberta Utilities Commission's Micro-Generator Application Guideline
  2. EPCOR Distribution and Transmission's Micro-Generator Application Form
  3. EPCOR Distribution and Transmission's Mini Micro-Generator interconnection and operating agreement
  4. EPCOR Distribution and Transmission's Terms and Conditions for Distribution Connection Services
  5. EPCOR Distribution and Transmission's Terms and Conditions for Distribution Access Service

Click here to see EPCOR Distribution and Transmission's documents on the technical requirements distributed generators. Be aware that none of these specifically relate to micropower systems.

If you have any questions about any of this please call Michael Nardi, EPCOR Distribution and Transmission, Customer Engineering Services, at 412 3453, or e-mail him at [email protected].


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