Energy Efficiency in your Home

It is extremely important to be as energy efficient in your home as possible. For the last 30 years, Canada is the world's leader in home and building energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is the least expensive way to reduce your home energy bills and your environmental footprint. Most of the time it is the easiest option also.

Here are a number of web sites and files that help you to become energy efficient in your existing home or your new home.


  1. Edmonton's CO2RE programme
  2. CO2RE Home$avers -- Attic Insulation
  3. CO2RE Home$avers -- Basement Insulation
  4. CO2RE Home$avers -- Caulking and Weatherstripping
  5. CO2RE Home$avers -- Condensation Concerns
  6. CO2RE Home$avers -- Conserving Electricity
  7. CO2RE Home$avers -- Heating Systems
  8. CO2RE Home$avers -- Ventilating Your Home
  9. CO2RE Home$avers -- Water Conservation
  10. CO2RE Home$avers -- Windows
  11. Natural Resources Canada's -- Keeping the Heat In
  12. Building Airtight Homes
  13. Techniques for Air Tightness

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